1. Rtuals of Cmmon Lnguage
    Stuart Chalmers Alan Courtis

  2. The Heart Of Contemplation

  3. The Heart of Instinct

  4. Fictions in the Age of Reason
    Stuart Chalmers Claus Poulsen

  5. SCTP-Collaborations I-IV (Blue thirty-two)
    Stuart Chalmers Taming Power

    Stuart Chalmers See Monsd

  7. Live at Wharf Chambers

  8. Broken Karaoke
    Stuart Chalmers Sindre Bjerga

  9. Frog Dreaming Skull
    Stuart Chalmers Neil Campbell

  10. Sound Environments 2: Woodlands

  11. Awkward Objects
    Stuart Chalmers Tom White

  12. Sound Environments 1: Caves

  13. The Universe Unmasked
    Stuart Chalmers Claus Poulsen

  14. From the Archives: Offcuts and Mouldy tracks

  15. Syncopated Soundmirror
    Stuart Chalmers Edward Sol

  16. Discarded Bag Epiphanies
    Stuart Chalmers Yol

  17. Points of Vital Differences
    Stuart Chalmers Lee Riley

  18. Live at Chunk, Leeds
    Stuart Chamers Sindre Bjerga

  19. Deconica Fungorium Split
    Januszewski and Szlazak

  20. The Shadow

  21. Acid Wave Head Rush

  22. Live at Fuse Art Space, Bradford
    Posset / Stuart Chalmers / BBBlood

  23. The Silence Of Noise

  24. Fata Morgana

  25. Loop Phantasy no.4

  26. In the vicinity of the reversing pool
    Stuart Chalmers and Neil Campbell

  27. Delirium Cutlet Impaste
    BBBlood, Posset, Stuart Chalmers

  28. Imaginary Musicks Vol I-V

  29. Mazes and Labyrinths 2007-2017

  30. Self-Destruction

  31. Ecstatika
    (stuart chalmers, michael rodham-heaps)

  32. The Heart of Solitude

  33. Chapter II
    Tlon (Stuart Chalmers and Liam McConaghy)

  34. Untitled
    (S.Chalmers Zen Zsigo)

  35. Imaginary Musicks Vol 5

  36. The Heart Of Wilderness

  37. Junk Seance
    Stuart Chalmers/Yol

  38. Poetry Of Decay

  39. Broken Records Phantasy
    DJ Crackle & DJ Skip

  40. Loop Phantasy No.3

  41. Home Taping
    Graham Dunning Stuart Chalmers

  42. Loop Phantasy No.2

  43. Loop Phantasy No.1

  44. Terra Incognita

  45. Imaginary Musicks Vol. 3/4

  46. SC/HC, Sindre Bjerga ‎– Split
    Stuart Chalmers Henry Collins

  47. Imaginary Musicks Vol.2

  48. Imaginary Musicks Vol.1

  49. Good Is A Lobster Split
    Stuart Chalmers Ian Watson

  50. Truth In The 13th
    Tlön (Stuart Chalmers and Liam McConaghy)

  51. Dreaming Butterfly

  52. Subterranea/split
    Stuart Chalmers Nick Edwards

  53. Crossings

  54. Daydream Empire

  55. Shimmering Reflections Of The Endless Myriad Moment

  56. Myths And Beasts

  57. Blunders Split
    Stuart Chalmers Robert Ridley Shackleton

  58. Fantasia

  59. Skarabee/tusK split

  60. God of Decay

  61. BUG (tusK)

  62. Tlon


Stuart Chalmers England, UK



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